Children's Ministry

Children are important at Lakeside Baptist Church. Jesus said, "Let the children come to me." We are excited to be able to have an excellent Children's Ministry! We have a variety of programs for kids in grades 1 through 6.

Youth Ministry

Exists to serve students in grades 7-12 and is a safe place for students to have fun, make friends, and experience God in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Through Sunday School, Wednesday Bible study and fellowships, students are led to build a strong foundation as followers of Christ.

Music Ministry

We are excited that you have chosen to check us out. We want all ages to experience true worship here at Lakeside. Our worship style consists of modern worship music combined with traditional hymns. Come and experience it. Our God is a great and His desire is for all men to know Him. Let's seek Him together.

Sunday School Classes

The following is a list of Sunday School classes, the teacher, class location and suggested age. Although ages are suggested, you are welcome to attend any class you like.

College & Career - Keven and Debra Davenport

They meet in the first room on your left as you enter the sanctuary foyer.

Soul Sisters

Suggested age - 20's & 30's. Enter the church on the south end (under the staircase). They meet in the class straight ahead.

Sisters By Faith -

Suggested age - 40's & 50's. They meet in the room south of the kitchen.

Women 2 - Sandy Carter

Suggested age - 60 and above. They meet in the last room on the left, off the sanctuary foyer, before you enter the Kids for Christ Building.

Koinonia – David Veteto

These classes are geared toward parents with children at home. Koinonia meets in the room off the sanctuary and Koinonia United Servants meets in the classroom across from the kitchen.

Adult 1 – Chris Hudgins

Suggested age - 40's & 50's. They meet in fellowship hall.

Adult 3 – Ed Smietanski

Median age 55. Enter the church on the south end (under the staircase). They meet in the room to your left as you walk in the door.

Adult 4

Suggested age - 60 and over. They meet in the room behind the pop machine, outside fellowship hall.

Youth – Ben Scattergood

They meet upstairs in the sanctuary.

Children and Preschoolers

They meet in the Kids for Christ Building, located on the north end of the church property.